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Recommended by CharterX, BART CRM is the perfect tool for Charter Brokers to generate accurate Quotes and track Client preferences. Please review each feature group below to discover how BART can help you succeed as a Charter Broker.

"We are pleased to be working with Seagil on their BART CRM tool. Users of this new technology benefit from innovative capabilities on their desktop, while connecting and doing business with all other operators and brokers through the CharterX network."
-Jim Betlyon, CharterX
Client Management
Manage all prospects from a single location. Locate Clients and their Quotes with just a few clicks of the mouse.

BART CRM allows you to open as many Quotes as you want. Get accurate Quotes to your Clients quickly and with confidence.

In BART CRM, Invoicing is seamless. Quickly generate Invoices as soon as the trip finishes to reduce your billing cycle.

Sales and Marketing
Put powerful email campaign tools in the hands of your salespeople. Email campaigns give salespeople the opportunity to fill their sales funnel.

Management and Reporting
BART CRM offers many reports and graphs so you can easily see where you can maximize your revenue dollars.

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Our Customers Say
"From pre-scheduling information to Recordkeeping, which insures compliance with FAA and IRS regulations, to cost reporting and control, BART is an extremely useful tool."

Tom W.