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BART interviewed dozens of Charter Operators to discover what they thought the perfect Charter software should do. BART Charter Resource Management (BART CRM) was carefully crafted based on these interview results. Please review each feature group below to discover how BART can help your Charter flight department.

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Aircraft Management
BART CRM supports unlimited aircraft and many different Add On and Minimum calculations.

Client Management
Manage all prospects from a single location. Locate Clients and their Quotes with just a few clicks of the mouse.

BART CRM allows you to open as many Quotes as you want. Get accurate Quotes to your Clients quickly and with confidence.

Quote Quality Control
Stay on top of all tasks related to a Quote. Don't question if a quote is ready to go or not.

In BART CRM, Invoicing is seamless. Quickly generate Invoices as soon as the trip finishes to reduce your billing cycle.

Sales and Marketing
Put powerful email campaign tools in the hands of your salespeople. Email campaigns give salespeople the opportunity to fill their sales funnel.

BART Charter Network
BART CRM is the hub of your Charter Operation. Download Inquiries from CharterX and Bids from Never rekey these Quotes again.

Management and Reporting
The BART Sales Pipeline is perfect for Sales Managers and creates clear accountability across the organization. Easily see where you can maximize your revenue dollars.

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