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Mobile App for Scheduling
Need to go paperless? All aviation personnel can use the CoPilot app to view scheduled activity. CoPilot security settings allow the limiting of seeing specific data - both at a group level or user level. If desired, passengers can be given access to CoPilot so they can see all (or some) of their upcoming trip information. This helps eliminate the use of paper itineraries and trip sheets.
Quote by Tail Number or Type
BART conforms to how you work. You can quote your fleet either by tail number or by type. You can also quickly create brokered quotes for aircraft not in your fleet with a single mouse click.

Flexible Add-Ons and Taxes
Each aircraft has a flexible array of add-on calculations available. Apply up to four levels of taxation per add-on. BART CRM also supports the Canadian taxation scheme.
BART CRM enforces several different minimum calculations to ensure your profit margins are met. You may choose any combination of per leg minimums, short leg fees, minimum daily fees, and minimum trip fees (average flight time per day).

Separate Pax and Ferry Rates
In addition to a wide array of add-on calculations, each aircraft can have separate passenger and ferry base rates.
Automatic Constraint Checking
Enter aircraft constraints such as departure/arrival runway lengths, number of seats, and maximum endurance. BART CRM will automatically check these constraints as well as crew duty legal requirements and warn quoters as they quote the trip.

Aircraft Marketing Sheets
Create aircraft marketing PDFs about each aircraft with text and multiple aircraft images. Include these marketing PDFs on each outbound quote to give the user more information about the aircraft they have chosen.
Estimated Fuel Burn
Enter your aircraft's fuel burn parameters and use it as part of your add-on scheme to deliver the most precise quote and ensure you don't lose money on fuel surcharges.

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