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Did You Make Money
After creating an invoice, BART CRM will use the breakeven numbers you have entered to show you the actual profit on the trip.
Use BART CRM's documented invoice API to link up to accounting systems. You may export invoices and clients as well as update client credit status.

Invoice Filters
View and filter you invoice list any way you want. You can see if the invoice is paid in full at a glance.
Payment Terms
BART CRM allows you to easily establish company-wide payment terms used to calculate the due date of an invoice. You may override these terms on a per-client basis to give you the billing flexability you need.

Tracking Payments
BART CRM allows you to track payments against an invoice. You may apply as many payments as you want including any pre-payments carried over from the quote.
Invoice vs Quote Comparison
As your enter your invoice costs, BART CRM compares each cost to the quoted cost and shows the difference between the two. This allows accounting to quickly catch potential errors and/or recommend changes to the quoted rates.

Retrieve Costs from Flight Logs
Entering information one place is central to BART's design and invoicing is no exception. Accounting can import flight log legs and costs directly into an invoice.

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