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Aircraft Comparison
In a click of a button, BART CRM will quote all other aircraft in the system for the current quote. Quickly compare and contrast each aircraft's flight time and total cost.
Airport Locator
BART CRM "auto-suggests" airports as you are typing. In addition, you may search for airports within a radius of a known airport or by any worldwide city name. See a Google or Yahoo map of the aiport with just one mouse click.

Quote Audit Trail
Each time a quote is modified, BART CRM keeps a full historical audit log. In addition, an HTML snapshot of the quote is added to the file attachment so you can compare exactly what changes were made.
Contract Fuel Price Import
In just a few minutes each week, you can import all contract fuel prices you currently receive via email. Easily compare and make FBO selections based on current fuel price information. See all purchase requirements such as minimum gallons.

Quotes Lost Audit
When a quote is not booked, salespeople may select a reason from the user-defined list of "lost" reasons. Management can review the Lost Report regularly and make changes to decrease the number of quotes lost.
Multiple Quotes
Your client wants options when chartering a flight. Answer all his/her questions by attaching multiple quotes to a single email. Donít make your client hunt for the quote they want to confirm.

Airport Settings
You may customize each airport in the system with landing, parking and ramp fees per aircraft type. All user-defined fees are automatically pulled into the quote add-ons. Flight and taxi time buffers may also be designated for congested airports.
Follow-Up Reminders
Unfortunately, not every quote closes on the first call. In BART CRM, salespeople can set follow-up reminders on their integrated Task Calendar. In addition, they can indicate a close probability to help management with revenue forecasting.

BART CRM automatically estimates profitability on every quote. Take the guesswork out of quoting and protect your profit margins.
Company Logo and Aircraft Images
Include your company logo and aircraft pictures on your quote to the client. Seeing the aircraft they are purchasing can often help you close the deal.

Quote Reminders and Notes
How many of your past quotes have died on the vine? Set proper follow-up reminders to appear on your BART Calendar. Never let a quote slip through because you failed to follow-up.
Charter Sales Worksheet
Instantly view a detailed worksheet of all quote costs including base charges, discounts, minimums and taxation. Calculations are not made in a black box and you need the flexibility to change any component of the quote.

Save Quotes to Scheduling
When a client books a trip, you can save the quote directly to Scheduling. This feature will save valuable time and prevent rekeying the quote. All client preferences are automatically transferred also.
Send Request to NBAA Airmail
After entering a quote, you realize you do not have an available aircraft for the trip. BART CRM lets you quickly send out a professionally formatted HTML email to NBAA's Airmail system branded with your company logo and colors.

Open Quotes
While quoting a client, BART CRM shows a list of all other open quotes. This feature presents a good opportunity to close multiple quotes during a single phone call.
Crew Duty Legal
BART CRM will automatically determine if a quote can be legally flown. There is no longer a need to have legally-versed quoters. BARTís Crew Duty Legal engine will do the thinking.

Contracts and Pricing Plans
Some clients, such as aircraft owners, may have negotiated rates that vary from your public rates. You can enter these special rates and BART CRM will automatically apply them on each quote. Rates can be customized per aircraft or aircraft type.

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