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Mobile App for Posting Actuals
Tired of writing on your paper trip sheets? Then use our 'CoPilot' app. As more and more pilots are carrying tablets and smart phones, it is important that they have the ability to enter actual information about flights. Information like times, fuel, expenses, duty time, crew legal, squawks. There is no need to carry paper receipts any longer since our CoPilot app allows taking pictures of them and attaching them to the flight and/or entire trip. With the pilots now entering this information, it eliminates office personnel from having any duplicate entries.
Hosting Management Solutions
Our hosting solution allows you to have all of your BART Management System tools available from anywhere in the world - from any desktop, laptop or mobile device. If you need to generate a quote for a client, adjust an itinerary, run a report, etc. while either in or out of the office, BART Hosting is the answer. This gives you a 'one stop shop' where our staff is available to provide 24/7 technical support to assure your system is available.

Charts and Graphs
Graphs make it easier to understand trends and percentages. View many popular graphs such as Top Clients by Revenue and Busy Season Anaylsis over any date range. You may also print the graphs to review during meetings.
Client Metrics and Ranking
Always know what a Client means to your bottom line. See a Client's revenue ranking at times - especially while Quoting.

Revenue Forecasting
BART CRM can help you forecast your revenue. You may select a future date range and see the Quotes that are slated to close.
User-Defined Homepage
When you come in every morning, BART CRM will show you up to six user-defined metrics on your company such as YTD revenue and top Clients.

Integrated Groupware
BART CRM puts all clients, quotes, documents, tasks, notes and history into a single integrated solution so all team members are on the same page. There is no longer a need to invest in pricey CRM packages.
Sales Pipeline
View your Schedule Board without ever leaving BART CRM. Understand at a glance, when planes are idle and not earning revenue. Quickly visualize aircraft availability and where you can book a Quote for maximum revenue.

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