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Corporate Operators
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Corporate flight departments have unique requirements. Please review each feature group below to discover how BART can help your Corporate flight department.

Aircraft Management
Perfect for flight departments of all sizes, easily maintain one or hundreds of aircraft. Use the color-coded aircraft screens to quickly determine availability.

Crew Management and Legal
Rostering crew and managing crew duty legal effectively are critical to a successful flight deparment.

Passenger Management
Keeping your passenger information and preferences in one centralized database ensures you can book a flight quickly and accurately and not forget the smallest detail.

Scheduling and Schedule Changes
Manage your fleet's schedule in famaliar calendar and "whiteboard" formats. Know at a glance where your aircraft are and make schedule changes with minimal keystrokes.

Communicating to Passengers and Crew
Reduce the time-consuming task of keeping passengers and crew updated on schedule changes and availability.

Tracking Flight Actuals
Enter the actual flight details on the Internet or in the office. Save valuable time by not rekeying flight and passenger information.

Expense Managment and Reporting
Ensure your flight department is on-budget by tracking all incurred fixed and direct expenses. Easily chargeback departments or individuals for flight charges.

Web-Based Tools
Eliminate phone calls inquiring about availability. Publish your Schedule to BART-4-Web so your users can see availabilty and make trip requests using only their Internet browser.

Reporting and Analysis
A wide array of aircraft, crew, passenger, and trip reports ensure you will have the proper insight into your aviation department. Choose from hundreds of "canned" reports or use our report creator to craft your own.

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