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Hosting Management Solutions
Our hosting solution allows you to have all of your BART Management System available from anywhere in the world - from any desktop, laptop or mobile device. If you need to adjust an itinerary, run a report, email a trip sheet to a pilot, email an itinerary to a passenger, etc. while either in or out of the office, BART Hosting is the answer. This gives you a 'one stop shop' where our staff is available to provide 24/7 technical support to assure your system is available.
Color-Coded Aircraft
Choose a color for each aircraft or a color for like aircraft types. This color is used throughout the calendars for quick visual reference of aircraft availability.

Quick Trip Estimates
Enter your hourly charge rates for each aircraft. Authorized employees can then compare and contrast the different trip estimates for each aircraft in BART Trip Planner (desktop and web versions available). Best of all, this can be done without contacting the Dispatcher!
Automatic Constraint Checking
Enter aircraft contraints such as departure/arrival runway lengths, number of seats, and maximum endurance. BART Quote and Scheduling will automatically check these constraints and warn Dispatchers as they build the trip.

User-Defined Aircraft Order
Customize the order of the aircraft on your calendars according to your needs. Some customers prefer to sort aircraft alphabetically by tail number while others prefer grouping by aircraft type. Combined with Color-Coded Aircraft, this feature provides an easy way to identify aircraft on your calendars.

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