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Mobile App for Scheduling
Need to go paperless? All aviation personnel can use the CoPilot app to view scheduled activity. CoPilot security settings allow the limiting of seeing specific data - both at a group level or user level. If desired, passengers can be given access to CoPilot so they can see all (or some) of their upcoming trip information. This helps eliminate the use of paper itineraries and trip sheets.
Shuttle Booking System
If your company has regular shuttle flights carrying passengers to particular cities on a regular basis, the use our Shuttle Booking System. Passengers/Employees can easily create their own profile and book themselves on shuttle flights. Security levels are available to customize how you want certain individuals or departments to book their trips. All information is kept in BART's primary system for aviation personnel to control. The amount of time this saves aviation personnel in phone calls and emails is a huge benefit.

If you do not have a mobile device such as a Blackberry®, you can view an up-to-date schedule on any computer with an Internet Browser. You may view the current schedule and availability as well as print Trip Sheets.
BART-4-Web Filters
Grant supervisors or other employees limited access to your Schedule over the Internet. BART-4-Web can automatically filter the Schedule to show only those flights where the employee is the Authorizer. This is great way to distribute your Schedule on a "need to know" basis.

Intranet-Based HTML Schedule
If you do not need all of BART-4-Web's features, you may generate an internal calendar with details you can publish on your local Intranet. Your Schedule is displayed in an easy-to-read calendar format with drill-down details. The Intranet calendar is an easy way to disseminate up-to-date flight information without installing additional software throughout the company.
Multiple Report Formats
Each flight department has unique feelings on what their Trip Sheet and Passenger Itinerary Reports should look like. BART provides a wide array of report formats from which you can choose. We will also happily further customize a report to better suite your needs.

Hangar/Lobby Schedule Calendar
BART automatically creates a current monthly HTML calendar you can display in your hangar, lobby, or office. Use a projector or plasma television to display the current schedule in a large format. Crew members and passengers can instantly view their flight information without asking dispatch.
HTML Calendar on Phone/Tablet
If you need a further outlook of the Schedule beyond the current trip, you may may take a read-only HTML Schedule with you on your PDA. In a few simple steps, you can synchronize your PDA with BART and carry with you a full 30 day schedule with all aircraft, crew, passenger, leg and FBO information.

Synchronize Schedule with Outlook®
If you are already synchronizing your PDA with Outlook®, BART provides an easy way to take your Schedule with you by adding all flight information to your Outlook® calender. This is great for Dispatchers that must be on call and need to answer questions about the schedule while away from their computer.
Trip Sheets on iPad/iPhone
In many flight departments, crew members and passengers stay connected via their Blackberry®. Opening and reading PDF or RTF can become a hassle. BART provides Dispatchters the option of sending a text-based version Trip Sheet specifically formatted for a Blackberry® size screen.

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