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Crew Legal Compliance
Out of the box, BART supports the following Crew Legal Rulesets for countries all over the world. In addition, BART has developed a proprietary Crew Duty Rules Engine that allows BART to rapidly comply with new Crew Legal Rules as they continue to change.
Unlimited Crew
Track unlimited crew. Enter all crew details such as name, addresses, passports, visas all in one centralized database.

Crew Qualifications
Track each crew member's rating in each aircraft. System will flag you if you try to crew a flight with a non-qualified crew member.
Crew Availability
Manage all Crew Activities such as vacation, hard days off, jury duty, etc. As you crew a flight, BART will automatically check availabilty and warn you about conflicts. Historically, you may track Admin, Duty, and Non-Flying Duty time.

Crew Calendars (Desktop/Web)
View a crew member's entire schedule including flights and other activity. Crew Activity is automically exported to BART-4-Web so crew members can view the updated Schedule while on the road or at home.
Crew Point System
Use BART's powerful point system to compare and ensure parity between Crew Members. Assign a "weight" value to activities such as time worked on holidays, weekends, RONS, etc. BART will show how each Crew Member ranks according to your "weighted" scale.

Crew Time Projection
You never have to wonder how many hours a Crew Member will accumulate in the coming period. In just a few clicks, BART will project each Crew Member's Flight Time, Block Time, RONs, number of Legs and Duty Hours for a specified date range.
Enter all crew details to support filing Electronic Advanced Passenger Information System (eAPIS) including pilot's license number. Ask for the information one time and receive warnings when items such as passports are expired. Submit Master Crew Lists (MCL) to US Customs and Border Protection (CPB).

Automatic Crew Legal Checks
BART will automatically check each saved manifest against your Crew Duty rules and pop-up any violations. User-defined pre and post-duty times are used for estimating future Crew duty periods. BART will "warn" the Dispatcher when a date-related legal requirement is imminent.
Legal Violations on Calendars
BART "tags" each Schedule on the calendar to indicate if the manifest is legal or if it contains legal violations. These Crew Legal assurance flags keep you from wondering if a flight is legal or not.

Crew Legal (Activity/Date Based)
You may fully tailor BART's baseline Crew Legal Requirements to your organization. Specify legal limits based on Crew Member activity such as take offs, landings, etc. Specify time periods for each Legal Requirement including grace periods.
Integrated with BART Recordkeeping
BART's Crew Duty Legal module is fully integrated with Recordkeeping. Every legal check automatically retrieves BART Recordkeeping information for the Crew Member up to the last Flight Log entered.

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