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Comply with Part 91 eAPIS Rules
If you are a Part 91 Operator and fly outside the US, filing your eAPIS online can be time-consuming and daunting task. BART streamlines this new requiremnt and makes it quick and easy to file eAPIS.
Unlimited Schedules
You may enter unlimited Schedules for unlimited Aircraft. You may retain your Schedule history for as long as you want.

See your Schedule the way you are most comfortable. BART offers multiple views in a familiar calendar format. You can take in the big picture by viewing the full year calendar or see every detail in a one week view. The most popular view is the user-customizable "white-board" view that replaces the grease board in most aviation departments. This view allows you pin-point control over the information you display.
Holds, Maintenance, and RONs
It is easy to schedule non-flight activity on your Schedule. You may "hold" an aircraft for a specific Passenger with or without Crew, slate a Crew Member for a Remain Overnight (RON) at a specific airport, or schedule the aircraft down for maintenance. All activity is color-coded so you may have full situational awareness at all times.

Categorized Leg Notes
Enter trip notes into user-defined categorized note fields. Trip details such as catering, ground transportation, and hotel reservations can be tracked per leg and printed on the Trip Sheet. You may optionally keep information such as crew hotel private by hiding it on your passenger Trip Sheets.
Move, Swap, Copy
Flight schedules can change often depending on passenger needs. BART makes it easy to move, swap, copy legs and/or trips with great ease. You may view the resulting Schedule prior to committing it. Deleting single legs, trips or a day's activity is accomplished in just a couple of mouse clicks.

Contract Fuel Price Import
In just a few minutes each week, you can import all contract fuel prices you currently receive via email. Easily compare and make FBO selections based on current fuel price information. See all purchase requirements such as minimum gallons. Easily transfer the fuel prices to your crew trip sheet to ensure you receive the proper rate.
Crew Checking
Have the assurance knowing all trips are automatically validated against Crew Qualifications and Crew Legal using up-to-date Flight Logs plus future Schedules. Receive warnings as a crew member's medical and other legal requirements are immenient. Instantly know the impact of a trip on a crew member's legal requirements.

Passengers and Authorizers
Enter Passengers rapidly by entering their initials or look them up from your Passenger database. You may optionaly specify the department and reason they are on the flight. Specify trip authorizers and requestors seperate from your passenger manifest.
No Fly List
Import your No-Fly List in just a few minutes. BART automatically compares the scheduled passengers to the No-Fly List and flags you with potential matches. This search uses advanced comparison logic where a passengers name deviates from the exact spelling. The No-Fly List version used to check the Schedule is automatically appended to your Trip Sheet.

Maintenance Due
BART takes the hassle out of determining when to take an aircraft down for maintenance. You can project when an aircraft may be due for maintenance by projecting when it will reach a target number of flight hours. In addition, you may import Maintenance Due items from either BART Maintenance or CAMPS to quickly determine if any schedule conflicts with imminent maintenance requirements.
Schedule Search
Quickly locate schedules for a particular passenger, authorizer, airport or crew member. Export the results to Excel or email them to a co-worker.

Flight Scheduling Options
You may enter schedules in either local, Homebase or Zulu time. Use trip numbers to tie multiple legs together for multi-day trips.
Radius Search and Mapping
Easily locate airports surrounding a known city or airport. Qualify the airports returned by specifing radius mileage and minimum runway lengths. You may use our exhaustive US and world-wide city database to locate airports as well. For futher precision, you may integrate BART with Microsoft Mappoint for street-level detail and driving directions.

Airports and Airport Locator
BART comes standard with an airport database provided by Universal Weather and is updated every 30 days. Each airport contains FBO, catering, hotel, ground transportation, and visa/passport details.
Flying International (Reports)
BART simplifies flying international by printing many popular reports such as: International Customs Form 178, General Declarations Report, and CANPASS Report. Use the information you have already entered to quickly generate these reports for your international flights.

Flying International (eAPIS)
It is no longer necessary to rekey trip, passenger, and crew information into the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website. BART will generate the required UN/EDIFACT message necessary to submit your trip eAPIS. Each crew member and passenger is validated to ensure all required information is present and accurate. You may also enter disembark address information for non-US citizens.
Flight Following
Receive real-time aircraft status email notifications to your Inbox and/or mobile device. Emails confirm take offs, landings and regular in-flight status including late departures/arrivals. View your aircraft's current course with weather with a click of the mouse.

Cancelled Trips
Keep a database of why trips were cancelled such as lack of aircraft availability. Periodically review the Cancelled Trips Report to potentially make changes with the aviation department.
Quality Control Checklist
Ensuring all arrangements for a multi-day flight have been completed can sometimes prove difficult, as dispatchers work on multiple trips at a time. BART eases this burden by offering a Quality Control screen that shows all trips and the status of each item in your pre-trip checklist. In just a few moments, a dispatcher can see that all arrangements are complete and ready for take off.

Schedule Integrity Checks
In just a few mouse clicks, BART will scan your entire Schedule and highlight any missing deadheads. As schedules change rapidly, it is important to know this city-pair saftey net exists and can be run at any time.
Transaction Log
BART maintains a detailed transaction log of every leg change that occurs. All log entries are stamped with the action performed, the current date/time and the current user.

Schedule Version History
In addition to logging each transaction, you may also want to compare trip changes between saves. With BART's powerful Schedule Version Manager, you can compare and contrast each revision of the Schedule with any other revision. BART will visually highlight all differences including leg notes.
Trip Support/Integration
BART has built interfaces for NBAA's Travel$ense program as well as Universal Weather's UV Trip Link. You can also order catering without picking up the phone directly from BART and AirChef.

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