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Mobile App for Posting Actuals
Tired of writing on your paper trip sheets? Then use our 'CoPilot' app. As more and more pilots are carrying tablets and smart phones, it is important that they have the ability to enter actual information about flights. Information like times, fuel, expenses, duty time, crew legal, squawks. There is no need to carry paper receipts any longer since our CoPilot app allows taking pictures of them and attaching them to the flight and/or entire trip. With the pilots now entering this information, it eliminates office personnel from having any duplicate entries.
Unlimited Aircraft
BART-4-Web's interface is easy to use and supports unlimited aircraft. Even with hundreds of aircraft, the pages load very quickly.

Unlimited Users
There is no limit to the number of users you can add to BART-4-Web. You may grant each user different security levels to limit the information he/she can see. Users can be grouped together for easier management and have the calendars filtered to specific aircraft.
No IT Needed
BART-4-Web is hosted by BART and has a record of 99.99% uptime. Users do not have to install any additional software. BART-4-Web is compatible with Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Security/Password Policies
In a web-based system, security is always a concern. BART-4-Web runs securely under HTTPS. In addition, it supports a robust password policy that can match most corporations' internal password policies.
Synchronized Directly from Desktop
BART will automatically keep BART-4-Web updated without any manual work from the users. All information is encrypted and then transmitted securily to BART-4-Web at regular intervals.

Web-Based Scheduling
BART-4-Web supports online Flight Scheduling for Dispatchers that are on-call at night and on weekends. Flights, complete with Passengers, Crew and FBOs can be scheduled, and downloaded to the office on the next business day. RONs, Holds may also be added.
Web-Based Flight Logs
Pilots may enter their flight actuals on the Internet at BART Recordkeeping, located at Homebase, can download the Web-entered Flight Logs, verify them and commit them to the database. Entering Flight Logs on BART-4-Web will save pilots from entering lots of trip information when they return from a long trip.

Multiple Calendar Formats
BART-4-Web offers multiple views of your Flight Schedule. Calenders are color-coded to easily distinguish Flights, Holds, RONs and Maintenance activity. "Executive" views are formatted for non-aviation users and show city and crew names instead of codes.
Trip Requests and Trip Planner
Rather than calling Dispatch to request a trip, BART-4-Web supports detailed and free-flow intinerary builders. Users can add passengers and remarks to their itinerary plus receive an estimated cost. Once complete, the requested intinerary is submitted to dispatch in a professional formatted HTML email. The user also receives a copy for his/her records.

Crew Calendar
In addition to flights, BART-4-Web also displays all up-to-date Crew Activities such vacation, jury duty, and hard days off. Crew Members can sign in to see if their vacation was approved without having to call the office. In one mouse click, they can filter the Crew Calendar to see just their activity.
Aircraft Availability Calendar
Dispatchers routinely field many "Is the plane available on ..." questions. By sharing your Schedule with your users on BART-4-Web, they can view this information at any time. BART-4-Web supports a special "availability" calendar highlighting the days each aircraft is not Scheduled.

Seats Available Calendar
If your company flies routinely between destinations, users can quickly view if seats are available. From there, one mouse click begins a Trip Request to be added to the existing trip.
Calendar Filters
In a busy a flight department, it is important for users to locate the information they need as rapidly as possible. This is why BART-4-Web supports either automatic or on-demand filtering of all information by Aircraft, Crew Member or by Authorizer.

Drill Down by Date/Aircraft
BART-4-Web users may drill-down on any flight to view the full details of the day. Passengers, Crew, and Trip Notes are all available from this view. "Executive" views with city names and full crew names are offered for non-aviation department users.
BART-4-Web users with appropriate security permissions have the option to print up-to-date Crew Trip Sheets, Passenger Trip Sheets, and Passenger Itineraries directly from the Web.

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