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Aircraft Maintenance
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Maintain Unlimited Aircraft with No Additional Cost
Once you purchase BART Maintenance, you can track Maintenance Items on an unlimited number of aircraft without any additional cost. Whether you have one or twenty aircraft, BART will grow with you and save you money year after year.
User-Defined Utilization Forecast
Maintain complete flexibility over your maintenance due projections by projecting monthly flight time and landings. These values can be changed at any time as utilization increases or decreases.

Aircraft Status Screen
BART's powerful Maintenance Aircraft Status screen shows you the critical values for each aircraft at a glance. You may compare the aircraft times and cycles to the values in BART Recordkeeping to ensure your times are accurate.
TTAF and Engine Times/Cycles
With just a few simple entries per aircraft, you can track the TTAF, up to four Engine Times/Cycles and other items such APU.

Unlimited Components, Inspections and Service Bulletins
Each aircraft in your BART Maintenance supports unlimited components, inspections and service bulletins. You decide the level of detail you want to track.
User-Defined Imminent Thresholds
Each Maintenance Item you track can have status of Current, Imminent, and Overdue. You may define how many days before a Maintenance Item's due date that BART will flag it as "Imminent."

Aircraft Maintenance Templates
Managing multiple like-type aircraft in BART Maintenance is a snap. Once you create your aircraft components and inspections you can quickly duplicate the "aircraft template" to track Maintenance on another tail number.
BART Maintenance Can Stand Alone
BART Maintenance works equally well as a stand-alone module or as part of the integrated BART Suite. Your reputation as a Maintenance Professional is backed up by your Maintenance Logs. BART is flexible and will work the way you desire.

Integrated with BART Recordkeeping
Save time and effort in tracking aircraft times by pulling these values directly from the Flight Logs.
Maintenance Records When Selling Aircraft
Providing accurate Maintenance records is important when selling an aircraft. BART's modular design makes it easy to transition your Maintenance records to the new aircraft owner.

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