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Aircraft Maintenance
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Date or Time Based
Limiting parameters for any Maintenance Item may be tracked simultaneously by calendar date, airframe times, aircraft landings, engine times, and/or engine cycles. All limitations are automatically managed. BART will show the due date based on the earliest due dated item.
Automatic Due Date Calculations
Each time you launch BART Maintenance, the program will automatically recalculate the due dates based on the current aircraft times and cycles. This ensures all due dates are accurate and up-to-date.

Color-Coded Screens
You may be managing hundreds of Maintenance Items per aircraft; therefore, it is essential you can see the status of each item at a glance. BART Maintenance color-codes each screen as a quick cue to let you know if the item is current, due imminently, or past due.
In addition to basic component information such as item numbers and ATA Codes, each Maintenance component can track additional information such as manufacturer's part number, serial numbers, and references to technical publications. This allows you have to have all Maintenance information in one place.

Each component, inspection or technical bulletin may have many sub-components that must be inspected or changed when maintenance is performed. BART Maintenance allows you to group items together and transfers them directly to your Maintenance Work Orders to eliminate the possibility of overlooking necessary maintenance.
Unlimited Notes Per Item
Each Maintenance component, inspection, and technical bulletin can have unlimited notes. You may use this notes area as a reminder for future maintenance.

Authorized and User-Defined Limits
For each Maintenance Item, you may define both the authorized limit as well as your own user-defined limit. This allows you track the authorized limit, but use your user-defined limits in due-date calculations.
Due Date Based on Manufactured Date or Installed Date
You may use either the manufactured date or the installed date as a basis when calculating when a Maintenance Item is due. This coupled with user-defined limits provides a very flexible way to calculate due dates.

Time Since New and Time Since Overhauled
All components support entering and tracking the Time Since New (TSN) and the Time Since Overhauled (TSO).
Forecasted Due Dates
In addition to color-coding each Maintenance Item based on status, BART displays the times, cycles and/or days remaining before maintenance is due in a single, concise grid. BART will also show the earliest forecasted due date prominently on the screen.

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