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Aircraft Maintenance
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Creating Work Orders
BART Work Orders allow you to group a set of Maintenance Tasks to perform and assign them to a Technician. Adding a Work Order Name and Number lets you quickly locate the Maintenance List for Sign Off.
Work Orders Sign Off
Signing off Maintenance Tasks completed is a breeze using Work Orders. After Maintenance is performed, you can quickly retrieve your Work Order, tag the items on which work was performed, and update your data with a few keystrokes.

Maintenance Item Sign Off
In addition to Work Orders, you may need to quickly record Maintenance performed on a single Item. BART provides an easy way to locate the Item and Sign Off in just a few keystrokes.
Maintenance Item History
BART maintains a complete history of all maintenance performed. You may review the Maintenance history on any item with just a few mouse-clicks.

Technicians Database
Maintain a Maintenance Technician's Database to correlate all sign-offs on maintenance performed by a specific technician.

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