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Aircraft Maintenance
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Interface with Scheduling
Communicate with the Schedulers that trips they are scheduling may conflict with maintenance coming due. You decide what items you wish to interface with scheduling. As schedulers are entering new trips or modifying existing trips, these items will be checked. If there is a possible conflict, the schedulers will be alerted. This information can be printed and taken to your Maintenance/Ops meetings for discussion about how to resolve.
Historical Reporting
As you perform maintenance and sign off items and inspections, a complete history is tracked with every detail. As needed, you can query the history database and verify/view all compliances. It is also possible to see certain trends with certain parts in specific aircraft types.

There are times you may want to show all parts matching a part number, an ATA class or engine number - or even a specific aircraft. You are able to key in any or all of this information and generate a report matching the criteria. This is helpful when you need to see all landing gear components or all engine inspections, etc.
Report by Category
BART breaks the items to track into three categories - components, inspections and AD/SBs. You are able to run ad hoc reports matching all components, inspections and/or AD/SBs - and any combination of these. This allows you the flexibility to run reports as general or specific as you need.

Status Review
The status of an item is either "current", "imminent" or "overdue". BART allows you to run a status review show all items that are within the "imminent" timeframe or overdue. This information can be sorted by due date allowing you to see what needs to be done first.
Overdue/Imminent Report
Similar to the Status Review, this report will show for selected criteria, all items/inspections that are in the "imminent" stage, and/or "overdue". This report can also be sorted by due date allowing you to see what needs to be addressed first.

Due List Forecast
This report is most useful when planning your future maintenance work load. You can run a Due List Forecast and see everything that is coming due in the next 50 hours (for example) or in the next few months (another example). Due List Forecasting is critical in keeping your Maintenance Department running smoothly and taking advantage of your work force when needed the most.
AD Compliance Report
This report allows you to enter specific criteria and generate a report showing all of your ADs and SBs for a specific aircraft. This primarily is used to verify that all ADs are compliant and all SBs have been addressed.

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